The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave

Part 1: What is The Cave?

The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave – Celebrating the Sport of Hockey in Its Entirety
Part 1

At the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave (The Cave, because it gets tired typing the full name) we get a lot of questions: How long did it take you to build it? How many broken hockey sticks did you use? Where did you get all the sticks? Where do you get all your ideas? What does your wife think?

Well, for the first blog of our reoccurring series for Snipetown, I thought it’d be a good idea to start from, where else, the beginning. Along the way, I’ll be sure to answer these questions above, while providing you a few interesting anecdotes about our process of building The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave (I lied, sometimes the full name just sounds cooler).

One year we crammed 11+ hockey fans in this “mini Cave” to watch the World Juniors, it was an amazing experience that foreshadowed future nights where we would celebrate Stanley Cup victories, playoff upsets and international tournaments. It was during this World Junior tournament and uncomfortably intimate setting when my wife, Tiina, turned to me and said “you need to make something bigger.” I told you’d answer that question! It was my wife’s idea, clear and simple. That’s how our little play house expanded to what we have today.

Stay tuned for part 2 -

Jordie Oberg - Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave

Sam Cheema