The Teleport Scotsman

The Teleport Scotsmen

Teleport, Staten Island

When a group of AT&T employees working out of the business district known as The Teleport decided to form an ice hockey team in 1997, they were in complete accord about what their team name should be: The Teleport Linesmen. 

However, their neighborhood of origin led to a fair amount of derision during their inaugural season. So, after an entire year of being heckled with taunts of “Beam me up, Scotty,” the team members told each other it was time to embrace the hate and use it as fuel to push themselves harder—and they changed their name to the Scotsmen. (In actuality, several team members were irritated with themselves for not thinking up the name in the first place.)

The new name proved lucky, as under the moniker, the team has gone on to achieve an outstanding lifetime record of 72 wins and 13 losses. Much of the credit for their success goes to their unorthodox style of play. Blessed with complete secrecy at their practice rink behind the high walls of the Teleport’s satellite farm, the Scotsmen have perfected a large number of complex plays, which they communicate to one another on the ice through a series of whistles and hums inspired by dial-up modem noises.

In spite of its location in New York City, the Scotsmen largely play against teams from New Jersey, due to the fact that their part of Staten Island is largely lacking in mass transit—as well as general anti-Staten Island bias on the part of most teams from other boroughs.

SnipetownNYC contributing photographer Andrew Link serves as their goalie.