The Student

Jerome Emanuel

The Student // Playing six days a week for two teams, this kid's plate is full. But as long as he keeps his grades up, mom will keep getting him there on time.

What’s your name?
Jerome Emanuel.

Ok if I use your name?
It’s up to you.

Where do you live?

Were you born in Brooklyn?

Do you have any siblings?
Five sisters. Older.


How old are you?
15. I’m a junior.

How long have you been playing hockey?
About six years. In-house and then travel the last two years.

Always ice hockey?

You play other sports?
Used to play basketball.

Not playing basketball anymore?
Nope. No more.

At what point did you stop?
About two years ago. My mom didn’t think it was competitive enough. So she decided I should drop it and play only hockey.

Are there a lot of kids in Canarsie playing hockey?
No. Just one that I know of.

Mostly basketball, football, baseball?
Mostly basketball.

Where do you go to school?
Xavierian High School.

They have a hockey team. You play for their team?

So you play for their team and for Aviator 16U?

How do you do both?
The practices are on different days and games for my high school team are on Fridays, and travel games are on Saturdays and Sundays.

Both teams know you’re playing for another team?

How does your mom feel about you playing so much hockey?
She thinks it tires me out a lot. But it gets me better, so...

That’s a lot of driving for mom.

Are your grades good?

Do you feel you have to make sure they’re good, because if they’re not, your mom’s not going to be happy?
She wouldn’t be happy at all.

Is that a conversation you have with her?
We have the conversation all the time. She makes sure I’m in the 90’s.

How’s the level of play of your high school compared to Aviator travel?
Xavierian is more competitive because you’re playing against juniors and seniors, who are playing for Junior teams.

So Xavarian would beat your 16U?
Yeah. I’m pretty sure. But there’s more pressure with the travel team.

Are you planning to play hockey in college?
I started thinking about it a little bit. I’ve thought about Wagner College.

In Staten Island?
Yeah. My mom’s thinking I can go far so she’s thinking Boston University.

For equipment, do you have favorite brands?
I mostly use Bauer. Skates, I go for CCM.

Why CCM skates?
More comfortable.

Did you start out with CCM skates?

What team you follow?

Favorite player?
Probably Girardi.

What position do you play?

Thanks for your time, Jerome.
You’re welcome. •