The FoHi Whitepots

The FoHi Whitepots

Forest Hills, Queens

Unlike the many modern neighborhood hockey teams that ignore what came before in favor of what comes next, the FoHi Whitepots’ name pays tribute to both the past and future. “Whitepot” was the original name for the area, until businessman Cord “O I Wish My First Name Were Oscar” Meyer renamed it Forest Hills in 1906. The team’s name also reflects the wide range of ages represented amongst the players. With team members spanning the gamut from six to 93 years old, the Whitepots have by far the greatest chronological representation of any hockey team in New York City.

Aside from their wide age range, the FoHi Whitepots are also well-known for their unique forms of practice. A street hockey team, they conclude every practice with a two-mile race along Queens Boulevard—one mile with traffic, one mile against it. As a result, the team’s members are incredibly fast and agile, but turnover amongst players is high—on average, five players a year are placed on the DL due to traffic accidents. 

Completely by coincidence, the Whitepots are comprised entirely of white people, and many of them use pot—medicinally, of course, now that marijuana has been made legal. Rumor is that the team’s founder, Francis Wifflebottom, played a key role in pushing the legalization bill through Albany; Wifflebottom and Governor Andrew Cuomo shared a wet nurse as children and have remained close ever since, going out for
milkshakes once a month.