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Resurrection Custom Painting

In team sports, there’s little room for individual expression. Rules govern every detail of uniforms, even down to the socks. Hockey, however, allows one piece of equipment to express the personality of its wearer… the goalie mask. The thin piece of composite material standing between a goalie’s face and a 90+ MPH piece of hardened rubber is open to anything a goalie can imagine. 

Everyone knows a goalie who got into the position simply because they liked all the equipment, with the mask usually being the favorite piece. Customizing a mask, whether it be to your team colors, your personality, your favorite things, or as a tribute to someone, is a unique part of being a goalie, but how does the customizing process work?  We reached out to chat with Erich Ferguson of Resurrection Custom Painting about his career in painting, and what it’s like working to bring a goalie’s vision to life.

STNYC: Where are you from?

ERICH FERGUSON: Born in Toronto, Ontario, raised two hours east of there, in a small town called Colborne.

How long have you been painting goalie masks? Is mask painting your full time job?

I have had the pleasure of doing exactly what I have wanted to do since I was a little boy. For 15 years and counting it has been my full time job.

Do you only paint goalie masks?

Absolutely not! I paint everything from trucks, motorcycles, cars and race cars.

How did you get started?

My father, as well as grandfather, owned and operated auto body shops where I was exposed to the industry at a young age. My father bought me an airbrush around the age of 10 or 11. At first the airbrush was extremely discouraging, but as I practiced more and more, I began to understand the medium.

Are you a goalie?

No, I always played defense, from the ages of 8-18. I wanted to play goalie, but my natural instinct was to dive away from the puck!

Where is your company based?

In Oshawa, Ontario, 1/2 hour outside of Toronto. The majority of my work is from North American clients, but I do paint for people all across the world. My furthest clients are from Australia. 

How do your customers find you?

The majority of clients are through word of mouth. Also, my website and social media. 

Have you painted for any pros?

Yes, while contracting for another company, such as Andrew Raycroft, Tomas Vokoun, Chris Mason and Nikolai Khabibulin.

How many masks do you work on at once?

Usually I have two to three going at one time.

How long does it take to finish a mask?

Seven to ten days, depending on the amount of detail.

How much does one of your paint jobs cost?

My base price is $350.00us and it goes up to anywhere from $1000.00-$1200.00us.

Would you rather a customer know what they want down to the smallest detail? Or would you rather the freedom to go nuts?

I like when a client has an idea of what they would like as far as subject material, but I always enjoy creative freedom to put it all together into a killer design, which translates into a killer mask!!

What’s your favorite mask you have ever painted?

I put so much work into every single mask; I truly don’t have one favorite. I continue to evolve my artwork, and not be pigeon-holed into one specific style.

Do you have a season that is busier than others?

It used to be during the off-season, but now with camps, and training, it seems to stay steady all through the year.

Do you find that most customers stick with you for multiple masks?

Repeat customers make up a large portion of my work. Most have kept me throughout their career. I have some for whom I paint upwards of three to four a year.  

How can people contact you for a paint job?

Directly from my website: