Radius: Chelsea Piers - Pizza

Radius: Chelsea Piers // Pizza

To fill that hollow stomach, we select food spots a mile from the center of your hockey rink.

1. Pizza 23 // 268 W 23rd St.
From 10am to 4am, Pizza 23’s slices are always so fresh you can smell the place before you see it. This open-air pizzeria absolutely piles the toppings over crispy, lightly charred brick oven slices. $3.75 gets you a margarita slice with fresh if not uncooked crushed tomatoes. 
Open until 3am Thursdays; 4am Friday and Saturday.

2. 10th Avenue Pizza & Cafe // 256 10th Ave.
Just two blocks north of 23rd, 10th Ave P&C offers a variety of slices along with typical deli/diner grub. Our choice slice is their heavy duty spinach for $4. It’s fluffy yet crispy and not greasy. Spinach slices tend to overdose on garlic. Not here.
Open until 10pm.

3. Famous Original Ray's Pizza // 204 9th Ave.
Ray’s slices are old NY style: Huge. Their density makes them super filling as a post-game meal. However, they’re not all that flavorful, easily forgettable and relatively expensive. Go for the “foodgroup” slice of chicken, peppers and onions for $5.17.
Open until 2am; 3am on weekends.

4. The Best $1 Pizza // 171 W 23rd St.
The first bite of the dollar slice is always great. Subsequent bites leave you wanting to frisbee it into oblivion. But it’s only a dollar, so you chew on.  Best $1 Pizza’s slice is sweet and always a little bit undercooked, which probably explains why their slice is always like four degrees above lukewarm.
Open until 1am.

5. 7-Eleven // 246 W 23rd St. 
Eating the fast food equivalent of pizza would have been sacrilege in old New York. With the advent of the uninspired dollar slice pockmarking the city, 7-11 might as well be an acceptable evil.  7-Eleven’s French sourdough four-cheese slice is fast, convenient, fake, greasy and actually satisfying at $1.40/slice.
Open 24/7