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Pens in 5

Pens in 5. 

The whole Sharks bandwagon has started and yeah so what Joe Thornton has a legit AF beard and Brent Burns is what George Lucas would call a Wookie. 

The Sharks are a good team - they are physical move up as a unit and like to play a systematic game. Their D jump in the play a lot and mix it up with a high percentage of high slot shots. 

But, this one is going to come down to big time players. Crosby, Kessel, Letang, Malkin and Sheary....?? The NHL Rookie of 44 regular season games as been able to provide a secondary offensive threat with 7 points this play-offs. A +/- of -2 may seem worrying but his play off the puck in the offensive zone has sometimes been a clinic. 

The main reason I am saying Pens in 5 - TRAVEL. 

The sharks legs aren't going to be able to keep up - they will have travelled 20,342miles this play-off series by game 4. This compared to the Pens 9,614miles is a stark contrast. The penguins haven't played outside the Eastern time Zone since Jan 18. And, we all know it's about who's the best conditioned when it comes to the finals. 

Remember when the Rangers lost game 3 at the Garden against the kings after playing the guts of 5 periods a little more than 24hours in LA?? Yeah, they looked shot. 

My moneys on the Pens.