In the Bag 2015

In the Bag

What Equipment & Why


1 Helmet
Bauer Pro Stock 4500
I love the old-school foam padding. No need for gel pads or ratchet system. There’s a reason pros still use this style.

2 Shoulder
Bauer Supreme Total One
Super-vented and light. I can barely feel them and they give full protection.

3 Glove
Bauer 4 Roll Pro Spec
Again, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. There’s a reason this style of glove has been used by pros for years. They may be a bit less protective, but the weight and comfort is unmatched.

4 Stick
Easton Stealth RS pro Stock 120 flex P7
I have been using Easton sticks since I was a kid. For my money, nobody makes a better stick.

5 Elbow
Bauer Supreme Total One
Lightweight, comfortable, super-vented. The good ones are the ones you don’t feel when you’re wearing them.

6 Pants
Bauer Supreme Total One
These are a bit bulky for my liking but when you’re paying for your own gear you find a way to make it work.

7 Shin
Reebok 11k Pro
The best shin guards ever were a pair of JOFAs I had for years (almost every player my age or older has a similar story). When Reebok jumped into making top-level equipment, they did it right and went to JOFA for all of thier top tier design. Old shin guards with up-to-date tech.

8 Skates
Bauer Supreme Total One NXG
Once my foot stopped growing it was time to invest in a boot that I would have for a long time. If your foot is done and your serious about playing, spend the money to get a pair custom fit for you, you won’t regret it.