Hockey Players Club

We are based in Brooklyn. Ok, it's cool but kinda boring now that only beards are getting the love with companies like the Dollar Beard Club. Yes, as hockey players during the NHL it has its advantages as we maintain the shrubbery growing upon our face. 

So, we signed up for Hockey Players Club. Tape, laces and protein to arrive on the reg. Within two days of signing up we received the package. Neatly, wrapped with with a beautiful aesthetic to boot. Upon opening we found our two rolls of sock tape and one roll of stick tape.  We also ordered a new pair of waxed laces and we wanted to try some of the Bio-Steel. 

The also have a cool blog going on - It will fill your day of amusements in your office cubicle. 

The service and response was pretty easy. There's some screenshots to show how simple this really is. You can also suspend your packages during the off-season (If you have one) and you can switch up how many deliveries you have/frequency. You can also add more products and accessories you need: footbeds, socks, wax, t-shirts, O-Dour balls, etc. How many times do you lose one skate sock? It happens a lot. Add some socks to your order. You'll thank us. HPC sends you an email welcoming you to the fam and then let's you know each time your tapes inbound. The process is more seamless than Seamless.

The products we selected were simple and what we need on the reg. We aren't those guys who borrow tape. Don't be that guy*. The tape and laces were made by Sports Tape. Easy to rip when taping the weapon but the roll went through pretty quick. But this is more due to the fact we playe every day. The sock tape doesn't have the same glossy feel of other brands. Which is a plus. It's a tough tape and holds the shins up pretty good but can tear easily when applying. Laces were a great addition and had the perfect wax combo - if that is a thing. Thin enough for tightness but provides the comfort and stability through the forefoot that our previous laces didn't offer. The last product was the Bio-Steel Whey Protein. Now, we are nuts and bolts and not really supplement people. But it is summer time - so we gotta look a little better for the beach sauce. Using the powder and throwing in some peanut butter, milk and ice we whisked up the perfect post-game/late night snack.

use code: snipetown for your first month free

*Unless you bring the beer.