Dan Hasday

Dan Hasday

for summer leagues, the sun is still out when you make your way to the rink. we caught up with software engineer Dan Hasday as he HEADED fROM THE SUBWAY TO Long Island City’s City Ice Pavilion.

When and where did you start playing hockey?
I grew up on Long Island and most of my siblings played hockey. My sister was an ice goalie and my brother played roller. I followed my brother and started playing roller when I was around 10.

Did you continue in high school and college?
The roller league I was playing in during middle school fell apart right around the transition to high school and rather than finding another rink, I just stopped playing for a little while. I went to college in Nashville, Tennessee and was surprised that there was an ice rink close to campus, only a 10 minute walk. I decided that I wanted to get back into playing, so I started going out to a bunch of open hockeys and finally got onto a couple of teams in the local adult league. It was tough to get into a league since I only met other players through open hockey and there weren’t many openings on teams. It took a few seasons before I was able to get onto a team, but when I did, I was able to jump on a second team pretty quickly.

How did you find your way into the adult league in NYC?
While I was down in Nashville, my brother had started playing some ice hockey as well and he ended up running a few teams in New York City. When I moved back (and during the summers home from college) I joined on all of his teams.

How long does it take to get to the rink from work or home?
The trip to the rink is between 30-45 minutes including waiting and transferring between subway trains and a decent walk from the stop near the rink.

Have you played at other leagues/rinks in the New York City area?
I’ve played in a couple of tournaments at Chelsea Piers and a winter season at Lasker, but both leagues I’m playing in now are at City Ice Pavilion.

Where do you live?
Upper West Side.

What do you do for a living?
Software Developer in Test.

What’s the name of your team?
The Great Scottsmen.

Did you win?
Yes, it was a good win to start the season right. •