Coaches Corner


Confidence is one of the most powerful coaching tools that you can use to help players and teams perform at their best. Confident players are contagious and can play large roles in the overall success of a team. But it is also important to know that lacking confidence is also contagious and can send negative energy throughout a locker room. So learning how to control your team's confidence is vital to player and team development.

We have all seen players have great games with a jolt of confidence. Confident players often say “the play slows down” or  that they "feel strong”. But most of all they are having fun. 

The play does not literally slow down and they might not necessarily be physically stronger than where they were, but it stresses the importance of having a strong mental game. 

We always hear the maxims:  don't get too high, don't get too low. You are never as good or bad as you think you areDon't create an emotional peak, because where there is a peak there is a deep valley right around the corner. 

The challenge for coaches and players is that you should not base your confidence on wins or stats. Focus your attention on preparation and your ability to give your best effort every day. 

I am a firm believer that if you do not train and/or practice to the best of your ability everyday you do not deserve to win or be successful. 

Wins and point production are just byproducts of hard work and the ability to prepare properly. So focusing on what you can control and giving your best effort will play valuable roles in building a confident player and/or team. 

Chris Cosentino, NYU Head Coach

Sam Cheema