Coaches Corner

Situational Awareness

Resident Coach -  Chris Cosentino, Head Coach, NYU Hockey

   I think one of the most important traits to look for in a great player is their ability to understand the situation of the game while it's developing. Great players are both willing and able to adjust in-game to help the team win. Depending on the game situation players need to know when to make a high percentage play and when it is appropriate to make a riskier low percentage play.

   Momentum plays a huge role in a game and successful teams know how to limit surges from the opposition.

   Recognizing the way the game is being officiated also plays a big role in how a player or team will approach a situation.

   There are players who are willing to do whatever it takes to win a hockey game, but they might not have the ability to execute. There are also players who have the ability to execute but are not willing to adjust.

   The goal is to get the entire team on the same page and fully understand that in order to be successful, players must be willing and able to adjust to any situation to help the team succeed.

Sam Cheema