Blacked Out

Blacked Out

the ISLES’ FINAL season at the mausoleum will not be televised (NATIONWIDE, THAT IS).

Do they really deserve to be seen on the national stage? Wouldn’t doing so effectively be negatively reinforcing management’s penny wise, pound foolish behavior? The team refuses to spend “real” money on free agents and the big contracts that they’ve entered into over the past decade have been atrocious (see: DiPietro, Rick and Yashin, Alexei). You can’t get something for nothing; maybe NBCSN’s snub is the kick in the pants that Islander ownership/management needs.
— Michael Zinman

As a lifelong Islander fan I will say that I am not happy about NBCSN announcing that they will not broadcast a single Islanders game, but there is a part of me that understands why. The Islanders need to win games and then the recognition will come. They are a franchise with a great history but at this very moment in time we need to improve. NBCSN also stated that there will be time for them to add games later in the season. If we can play well and win games then we will get the recognition that we deserve. 
Andrew Armonas

Can you really blame NBCSN for not putting the Islanders on national television? For years, the shared goal of NBC Sports and the NHL has been to legitimize and revitalize hockey in the US, and the Islanders don’t do either of those things. 

Garth Snow was the laughing stock of the NHL last year after he lost Moulson and Vanek in trades that left the Islanders with the equivalent of a coke machine and a used skate sharpener. Islander fans can’t stand to watch their team (, so why would the rest of the country? 

Even with a superstar like Tavares, it’s impossible to market this team. Sure he’s an amazing player, but he’s only scored over 30 goals in a season once (31 goals in 2011-12) and has suffered serious injuries every season since then. Not enough to market! Bottom line: he’s good, but not good enough to bring the Islanders (or himself) out of obscurity.

So how does NBCSN’s swift backhand to the Islanders make me feel? Immeasurably indifferent.
— Richard Furlong

I think it’s pretty embarrassing. I have to wonder why the NHL or NBC wouldn’t want a young, potentially exciting team from NY to have any national games. Why wouldn’t they want to market Tavares as the team heads to Brooklyn?  I heard a rumor that Wang had requested the team not have any national games because he’d lose money somehow. Which I hope isn’t true because he can’t be that bad of a businessman. Isn’t marketing a team and a potential superstar something that could make you money in the long run?


I’m someone who is starting to get more into hockey then I ever have been and it just seems laughable to me. I grew up in an Islander family so that is sort of my team by default. I don’t live and die by them so I just kind of think its funny. Of course the Islanders would be embarrassed like that. But that sucks, why should it be funny and no surprise that this team is a constant joke. How can the Phoenix Coyotes have more national draw than the New York Islanders?                   
Adam Szachacz