What is Antarctic Hockey?

What is Antarctic Hockey? Why? 

Antarctic Hockey started in mid-May by Ryan Bahl. Ryan had originally started Antarctic Hockey because he was hoping to be the first person to have played hockey on all 7 continents. He admits that originally it started off a little bit selfish in that he wanted to do this to achieve something unique and be the first person to do it. After a few weeks went by and speaking with people about the event it quickly turned into something much larger than just him. There are two main concepts that developed that he is trying to promote. 

The first is just showing people that you can play hockey literally in the world - Antarctica included. The point of this is to get out of the every day norm, experience new cultures, meet new people and just play our amazing sport all over the world. Too many people get stuck in the daily grind and never really experience all the world has to offer. Hockey players are unlike many other sports and many of them are very welcoming of you traveling and wanting to play overseas wherever it may be. A great example of this is that the Antarctic event already has people signed up from over 20 different countries at the moment, including (just to name a few): Canada, USA, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Finland, Australia, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, France, Iceland, the Czech Republic and many more. All these people have signed up to play in Antarctica and work together to make something truly amazing happen. Imagine the event taking one player from every country - some people may not be able to communicate with each other because of the different languages, but everyone will have the same love for the sport and each of those people will speak the common language of hockey.

The second main thing the event is trying to promote is just general awareness of fragile environments like that in Antarctica. Conservation, scientific research and protecting these fragile environments is very important and extends much beyond just playing a sport. Hockey in it’s most traditional form was played outdoors and if we want this to continue for future generations we must protect our world and everything it has to offer. The event aims to help raise funds and donate to organizations aimed at making this happen, specifically in the Antarctic region. The event itself will also be as organic as possible using materials that can be easily taken back, water reclamation systems and just overall making sure there is no blue print of the event in the Antarctica environment. "

Ryan Bahl - Antarctic Hockey

Sam Cheema