Founded in 2012 with the mission to document and celebrate the hockey subculture, from kids to pros, focusing on those who play, and those who don't. Uniting a community and bringing a cohesive, modern aesthetic to a niche and passion-driven sport. We brought you - SNIPETOWN.

Our Staff

Evan Gubernick

Raised on the streets of Buffalo, NY, with little choice but to pick up a hockey stick, he found himself years later finally getting on the ice and beginning his career as a proud bender. After a long stint in the consumer magazine trade, he now runs 485 Creative, working on a wide range of projects. SnipetownNYC is the mag he always hoped to make.

Jack Chinelli

A New York City native, Jack grew up playing travel ice hockey throughout the Hudson Valley. When roller hockey was heating up, he was just hitting his teenage years and joining pickup games with friends in Soho, where they’d skate against traffic into Paragon Sports, skates on, to ask if they had balls. Street hockey balls that is. Jack was a Contributing Editor for Antenna magazine and co-founder of 0-60 magazine.

Sam Cheema

A Londoner by birth but from varying parts of the world. Sam like many 90's kids found hockey through Emilio Estevez and the Mighty Ducks. Since taking to the Ice Sam has played in professional leagues in the UK where he is currently playing again this season. Sam splits his time between London and New York and brings a strategic eye to the mix. 


Andrew is a commercial automotive and portrait photographer in NYC who enjoys clearing his crease of anyone who tries to screen him and has made the bare handed glove save.

Tom Keady

Based in Long Island, by way of Southern California, Tom has been around hockey his whole life. Between growing up at the rink for his dad’s games or when he started playing travel at six years old, all free time was spent on something hockey related. Tom had to take off about nine years due to a neck injury but is now back on the ice, skating all over Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Tom is a new dad and when he’s not on the ice, he is writing and producing television. 

Ryan Burke

Growing up in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York, Ryan played all over Western NY. It was there he got his start as a youth hockey photographer. Often shooting the same rinks he played in as a kid, Ryan created a niche for himself selling action photographs to hockey moms across the state. Currently, he is a freelance photographer and men’s league ringer in New York City.

Melody Tran

Our Contributors

Jen Choi

Jen was born and raised in the land of boba tea and Sriracha, also known as southern California’s San Gabriel Valley. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Hairpin, Soma Magazine, among other publications. She is currently writing a memoir about her Korean mother’s sudden relocation from suburbia to the Alaska panhandle. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.

Nick Clough

Nick Clough is an artist, graphic designer, musician, FIT graduate and life long New York City resident. Currently residing in Brooklyn, frequently found moving furniture in upscale private midtown hotels, walking long distances to avoid standing still on hot subway platforms, drawing icons for hockey magazines,constantly checking his email for job offers, generally just rocking, and rolling…

Will Sabel Courtney

Will Sabel Courtney is a writer, journalist, and human. He has written for more publications than you’d believe, based on his date of birth. He is also that rare combination of a Rangers/Red Sox fan. 

Bobby Crace

Brooklyn resident and fiction writer Bobby Crace is a long time sports enthusiast.He is proud to write for SnipetownNYC, a welcomed outlet for his underheard athletic opinions and interests. He says, “Chronicling the uniquely beautiful sport of hockey allows us to unlock what it is about this strange sport that seduces the world’s most passionate, loyal fans.”

Michael Crenshaw

Michael Crenshaw is a former ice/roller hockey forward with the nickname “Hair Helmet” who earned his ice time at the Ocean Ice Palace in Brick, NJ. Biggest ‘holy shit’ moment was ice skating in Yankee Stadium during the Stadium Series. Writer, editor and photographer for 0-60 magazine (RIP), RIDES magazine, contributor to ESPN, Complex, Maxim, and
now Editorial Director for Go Rangers!

Peter Hoare

Peter Hoare is a screenwriter and online columnist from Brooklyn, New York. He has a weekly column for that runs every Sunday and has also written for Complex and Playboy magazine. His first feature film, Celebrity Death Pool, starring comedian Jim Jefferies and The Hangover’s Ken Jeong, is due out in theaters Spring 2015.


Sarah Kim is a documenter of stories. After a brief stint with Carlos Campos and a steady climb up the ladder at Antenna magazine, she created her own magazine, By Way of Brooklyn, which gives a voice to and highlights hardworking Brooklynites. She’s interviewed influencers and industry leading professionals and has written for ESPNComplex and Nike.


Jordan Krate is a 26 year-old automotive and model photographer based in Miami, FL, specializing in model photography. He has been shooting for a short period of time and has already developed a sought-after body of work. Some of his clients include Vossen wheels, VPX swimsuits and Lamborghini Miami. 


Jessica Pallay is the co-founder and editor of Well Rounded NY, a website dedicated to in-the-know pregnant women and new parents. A former men’s fashion and lifestyle editor, Jessica’s written for Women’s Wear DailyMonocle and Antenna.


When he’s not reading comics or playing video games, Juan Pilar is a New York City-based illustrator with a large focus on apparel and typography design. He has worked with a wide array of clients, ranging from New Found Glory to Gary Clark Jr. You can find him on social media under the name ‘iamoath.’


Originally from Long Island, NY, Anthony Tafuro moved to NYC in September of 2008. He completed a BFA in photography, at Parsons The New School for Design in 2012. He is currently based out of Queens, NY and is afraid of aliens.


Based in New York City, Bryant Urstadt has written about derivatives, high-frequency trading, peak oil, yoga apparel, viral videos, pond hockey, deepwater drilling, social media, satellite radio, gamblers, skeleton merchants, cockroach dealers and amateur rocket builders for publications such as Harper’s, the New York Times,
New York Magazine and Rolling Stone.


Jake Wotherspoon is an Australian born New York based Fine Art photographer, specializing in architecture and portrait photography. He has worked with William Wegman for many years and has exhibited both local and internationallly.


Yvonne Hana Yi is a Bay Area native, casual sports fan, and sometimes-writer living in New York City. Her most recent work can be found in By Way of Brooklyn magazine.